Keep calm

Stress can cause your blood sugar to rise, according to the NIH

Drink in moderation

Drinking alcohol can produce signs of low blood sugar, according to the Mayo Clinic

Adjust for your stage of life

The Mayo Clinic also explains that hormone levels can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate.

Be aware that some medications may affect your diabetes

Mayo Clinic notes, some medications are sweetened, and others may affect healthy glucose levels in other ways

Brush up on your oral hygiene.

Diabetes puts you at greater risk for gum disease. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA),

Sweeten it yourself

To give yourself more control, you can reduce sugar in your diet by adding your own sweeteners

Get vaccinated

illnesses such as the flu, pneumonia and hepatitis B are more common in people with diabetes

Know your data

Continuous glucose monitoring is key to managing your diabetes care

Follow your plan set with your doctor, even when you're feeling good

Eat High Fiber Foods