Go for launch: NASA preps for Artemis I's second attempt Saturday

The launch is set for Saturday, Sept. 3

We are setting up for a launch attempt on Sept. 3, Saturday," he said. " … there is no guarantee we are going to get off on Saturday but we are going to try.

NASA aims for Saturday launch of new moon rocket after fixes

NASA Said  Onward. We're proceeding toward a Saturday, Sept. 3 launch for #Artemis I, with a two-hour window opening at 2:17pm ET (18:17 UTC). Live coverage begins at 12:15pm ET (16:15 UTC):

Artemis I is an uncrewed mission-- the first among a series of missions that aim to put humans back on the Moon. NASA will demonstrate the performance and capabilities of its most powerful launch vehicle ever, the Space Launch System (SLS), and the Orion crew capsule during Artemis mission 1. Both SLS and Orion will travel a distance of around 65,000 kilometres to the Moon and back.

Artemis I launch attempt on August 29: What went wrong?

In our live blog we will follow all the updates on NASA’s critical Artemis 1 launch, which is part of a broader mission to put humans back on the moon.  You can watch the launch event live using the embedded link below.