Gaining Weight Fast for Hard Gainers

Gaining Weight Fast for Hard Gainers. When many people, especially girls are trying to shed pounds to lose weight, some are actually trying to put on weight.  It is common to forget people who struggle to gain weight.  So, you may think, “Gaining weight is easy.  What is the big deal about it?”  You may … Read more

How to Lower Cholesterol in Diet

According to the Ministry of Health, heart and vascular diseases are Russia’s leading cause of death. The higher the cholesterol, the more likely you will die from heart problems or complications. To protect yourself, it is essential to know the norm indicators and ways to reduce high cholesterol. Why should you monitor your cholesterol levels? … Read more

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Mom and Baby?

Advantages of Breast Feeding – Top 12 Benefits Breast milk contains many nutrients.   The nutrients in the breast milk change over time automatically to provide what the baby needs.  It has antibodies that help protect your baby from infections.   If the baby is born pre-term, breast milk will have a different composition, specifically suited … Read more

The deadly Bird flu has returned to the Midwest earlier than expected.

MINNEAPOLIS — Bird flu has returned to the Midwest earlier than authorities expected after a lull of several months, with the highly pathogenic disease being detected in two commercial turkey flocks in western Minnesota and a hobby flock in Indiana, officials said Wednesday. The disease was detected after a farm in Meeker County reported an increase … Read more