Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? 7 Tips Reduce Sugar Cravings

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar? 7 Tips Reduce Sugar Cravings

I hope you guys know that eating too much sugar can ruin your body. However, consuming too much sugar is the worst decision you can ever make for your body.

Although, the sugar present in fruits and vegetables is not considered harmful to health. In fact, this natural type of sugar is very good for us with little or no effect.

Eating too much sugar in a day can seriously affect your health seriously. So the question that arises here is how many grams of sugar per day? The answers to these questions are described below.

There are several other disadvantages of consuming sugar like weight gain, risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. In some other posts, we discuss this.

However, it Is very hard to quit on sugar. There is a very high possibility that the packaged food you are eating contains sugar.

Moreover, our body also demands sugar to a certain level. It is just impossible to quit the sugar intake. And if it happens your body automatically starts craving sugary items.

As I said, intake of sugar cannot be quit properly, but it is possible to cut down the intake of sugar by altering some eating habits.

Here are some tips to cut down or reduce the intake of sugar.

1. Avoid Soft Drinks and Soda.

Avoid Consuming Soft Drinks.

Soft drinks, soda, and other beverages contain high sugar. Steer clear from them. Avoid consuming these beverages frequently otherwise, it can cause cavities and sudden weight gain.

Swap your beverages with healthy drinks that contain low or no sugar at all. These will help in regulating body weight.

2. Resist sugar-loaded desserts.

Desserts after Dinner contains lot of sugar.

Who doesn’t like to have a delicious dessert after a wonderful meal? But in order to reduce the intake of sugar, you have to be careful while having desserts as well. Avoid desserts loaded with sugar or sugar syrup.

Moreover, they increase the sugar intake in the body tremendously. You can eat fruits as a substitute for sugar-loaded desserts.

3. Read the labels for edible items.

Always read the labels of edible items like canned foods. It will show you the quantity of sugar and calories per unit gram. Hence, buy accordingly.

Also, avoid consuming items in which you think there is too much sugar. Besides, you have to look after the candies and other sweets as well. Do not buy candies, toffees, lollies, etc, as they contain excess sugar.

4. Eat More Protein and Fat.

Eating more sugar is directly linked to weight gain and increased appetite.

Whereas consuming a diet low on sugar and more protein can maintain body weight and reduce hunger.

Research proves that the intake of protein can control food cravings. Moreover, one study shows that increasing 25% protein to reduce about 60% of cravings.

The more hungry you feel the more you will eat foods like snacks, or fast food. And hence there are more chances of consuming sugar by the means of satisfying your hunger.

Switching to fatty foods can be a good option. 1 gram of fat contains about 9 calories as compared to other nutrients like carbs or protein which contains only 4 calories per gram.

Consuming a diet rich in fat and protein can help you cut down the sugar intake of yours.

5. Instead of sugar, use fruits for sweetening.

Use Fruit as a Substitute for Sugar

While making breakfast like Oats or any other whole wheat breakfast, use fresh fruits for sweetening instead of using sugar or sugar syrup.

Popular breakfasts like waffles, muffins, bread-jam, pancakes, etc. Also loaded with sugar. You can use chopped or sliced fruits like strawberry, banana, apples, blueberries, or any other fruits you like the most.

Replacing sugar with fruits in breakfast will surely reduce your sugar intake.

6. Start exercise

Regular exercise can help you to keep away from sugar. Don’t you know how? I will tell you. . .

Doing regular exercise has several benefits for health. One of them is it regulates body weight and makes you active.

Whereas, consuming sugar can result in increased body weight and other health risks too. Moreover, it makes you lazy and let you crave more sugar.

You can easily get rid of all this by doing exercise on a regular basis. Also, yoga and meditation could help to be more determined.

7. Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep plays a crucial role in keeping one healthy. Improper sleeping patterns can cause sleep deprivation, poor memory, and reduced immunity and concentration.

Although we all know the link between lack of sleep and obesity. However, if you sleep less, you would probably be fed on snacks and other packed foods while doing the chores.

Good sleep is necessary to keep the cravings away. If you are sleeping less due to binge-watching or due to unnecessary reasons chances are you will grab something to eat late at night.

All I am saying is that sleeping is not enough, the quality of sleep should be considered more. So, make a night routine and schedule your chores so that you can sleep for at least 7-8 hrs a day.

The Bottom Line:

Eating too much sugar could raise serious health issues like type 2 diabetes, obesity, weight gain, itching in the skin, pimples, etc.

Hence, one should intake sugar according to the need, not too much as it can cause some serious health issues explained above.

Below are the 7 tips that would help you to cut down the intake of sugar.

The 7 tips are:

Avoid soft drinks

Resist sugar-loaded dessert

Read labels of edible items

Eat more protein and fat

Regular exercise

Instead of sugar use fruits

Get enough sleep

I am pretty sure that these tips will help you to regulate the intake of sugar in your daily life.

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