How To Get Bigger Arms In Four Weeks

Before making biceps and triceps strong, know about biceps and triceps.

Broad chest, six-pack abs, big biceps, and triceps are all that most men want to have. Triceps and biceps have a special role in our arms. If you want your biceps and triceps to be visible to all, you have to work hard for it. You will find it easier to build your biceps and triceps by going to the gym under the complete guidance of your trainer. But if you can’t go to the gym, that’s fine. You can make great biceps and triceps at home even without going to the gym. For this, you have to take special care of some things. Know how you can make good biceps and triceps at home.

Biceps –

There are two different types of muscles in the biceps. Brachii and Brachialis. The brachii is the long head muscle and the brachialis is the small muscle and both of them are near the triceps. The biceps attaches to both the shoulder and the elbow.

Triceps –

The muscles in the upper part of the triceps are called triceps brachii. The triceps are attached to the humerus bone between the shoulder and the elbow. If you are trying to make your triceps and biceps attractive, then definitely understand that the biceps are connected to only 2 muscles, which are called the outer head and inner head. At the same time, there are 3 important muscles in the triceps. These muscles are the lateral head, middle head, and long head. The triceps are the largest muscle mass compared to the whole arm.

What exercises can you do for your biceps and triceps?

For the biceps, you can do barbell row exercises, because in this you hold the rod above your head, which can be a good exercise for your arms. In this, your arms will twist like a biceps curl. The decline can do dumbbell curls, cable rope hammer curls, chin-ups, push-ups, etc.


Bench press and overhead press are two such exercises that are good for your triceps. During this, your arms are completely straight, but the weight is more because more muscles are exercised in it. Close-grip bench presses, overhead triceps extensions, and tricep dips are some of the exercises you can do. Forearms deadlifts are also good exercises for the forearms.

Tips to build biceps and triceps

If you are underweight, you may find it difficult to do biceps or triceps workouts. Then do as many bicep curls as you want. To get bigger sides, you have to strengthen your muscles and increase the fat. Some tips for this are as follows.

Eat more

Eat as much as you can. To increase your weight, you have to take in more calories. Most people should eat at least 3000 calories a day. People who have a high metabolism should take in more calories than this. Eat the first four meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and After Workout. Eat a full stomach. It is always right to eat more and more for the biceps and triceps because the muscle tear caused by exercise needs the right protein. By eating the right amount of food, your muscles get good protein, so that your biceps and triceps are formed in the right shape.

Be strong.

If you want to increase the size of your biceps or triceps, then increase the squat to 140kg/300lb, bench press 100kg/220lb, and deadlift 180kg/400lb in your workout. This will increase the whole mass of your muscles. Dumbbell raises, side dumbbell raises, and concentration is some of the exercises that gym trainers tell you for biceps and triceps. To do all these exercises, you will have to gradually increase your dumbbell weight and your biceps and triceps will be of perfect shape and size.


When we rest, our muscles grow. So give a break to your biceps and triceps. Incorporate enough rest into your daily routine. Get enough sleep, this will help your biceps and triceps grow. Do different exercises every day during gym training and take complete rest after that. After exercising the biceps and triceps in the gym training, it is good for your muscles to rest properly.

Track your progress

Work hard and measure your arms every two weeks. If your biceps or triceps are not getting bigger, it means that you are not training properly and you are not eating right.

Reduce curls

If you add squats and deadlifts to your workouts, you’ll get better results than bicep curls and tricep extensions. Continuing to deadlift is a good option for your biceps and triceps. Always focus on your deadlift and gradually increase your dumbbell weight. Your gym trainer also gives you the same advice for biceps and triceps.

Keep these things in mind while using health tools

The biggest mistake we make while doing biceps curls for biceps and triceps extensions for triceps is to do these exercises continuously. There are some such mistakes, due to which our exercise becomes ineffective. So keep these things in mind.

Curls & Extensions

If you are a beginner then you should do squats and deadlifts etc. for muscles. Just doing exercises like curls won’t help. You need a heavy lift to build muscle mass, but you can’t do it with just one exercise. So do different exercises. Always keep in mind that you cannot do the same exercise every week, you will have to do different exercises for the biceps and triceps. By doing this your muscles get variety and at the same time, their growth also takes place.

Over-exercise the arms

Arms are small muscles that you can make stronger by exercising with a rod or bar, or by bending your arms, but you can’t exercise for arms every day of the week. Along with arms, biceps, or triceps, you should also focus on other muscles of the body. If your arms are bigger than any other part of your body, you’ll also look awkward. So pay attention to your arms as well as other parts of the body. Your gym trainer will tell you that doing different exercises on different days in a week is beneficial for you. Exercising biceps, triceps, and arms every day is harmful to you.

Not eating enough food

If you are underweight then you can never get big biceps. For bigger arms, you have to increase your weight. For this, you also have to take care of your diet.

Building biceps and triceps is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. By keeping a little patience, by taking precautions, and after continuous hard work, you will be able to achieve this goal easily. When you exercise biceps and triceps, your muscles tear, which needs enough food to repair. In such a situation, eat properly with the exercise of biceps and triceps. Doing this makes your biceps and triceps strong not only from the outside but also from the inside.

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