Tips to Protect Yourself from the Summer Heat

In this summer season, everyone seems to be looking to avoid sun exposure and heat, that is what seems to be saying “How hot is it today”, isn’t it? In fact, summer has just started, and we will have to face more heat ahead. In such a situation, people do a lot to get rid of the heat. You can do that too. But we are going to tell some such tips so that you can always bloom even in the summer season. We will tell you what are the ways to avoid the heat.


1. Wear less synthetic clothes.

Summer clothing is always more fashionable than winter. Floral and shiny clothes are more trendy in most summers. Such clothes are helpful in keeping the body cool as dark-colored clothes absorb heat which is one of the biggest ways to escape from the heat. Use cotton or linen clothes more than synthetic clothes because synthetic fabrics do not absorb sweat.

Apart from this, stay away from silk clothes also because these clothes get hotter due to exposure to the sun, due to which body heat increases, when sweating comes, this fabric sticks to your skin which does not look good. One mistake people make is wearing fewer clothes. If you have to stay in the sunlight for a long time, then wear full-sleeved cotton clothes and do not wear too tight clothes.

You can also drink coconut water

Coconut Water Benefits: Major benefits of drinking coconut water

2. Excess use of rock salt

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People who mostly work outside and have to stay in the sun for a long time should drink enough water after a while by adding a little lemon and rock salt to keep their body cool, this will keep the body hydrated. These are also very good tips to avoid the heat, even if you exercise, keep this solution with you and keep consuming. Rock salt is very important because it increases the blood flow to the muscles and maintains the right level of fluid in the cells.

If you are in more sunlight in the morning and find it difficult to find time for exercise in the evening, then you can do light exercise at home. This mainly includes push-ups, squats, planks, and pull-ups. They exercise all the main muscles of the body. Every type of exercise creates heat in the body. If you want to keep yourself cool, then a little stretching and light yoga after a workout will prove to be very good.

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3. Do not take a bath with very cold water

To reduce the temperature of your skin, apply a mask made of mashed potatoes and rose water on your face, this will make your skin feel fresh.
Aloe vera gel is very good for oily skin, it makes your skin happy in a short time. Do not apply if you have dry skin. Do not take a bath with hot water.

Along with this, avoid cold water as well because cold water increases the internal temperature of your body. Because your body does not allow sweat to build up in an effort to conserve heat. It is also necessary to sweat in summer, it also acts as a body coolant. Take a bath with lukewarm water instead of cold and hot water. If there is excessive sweating then definitely change your clothes 2 or 3 times a day as excessive sweating causes fungal infection and allergy to heat. Which may later take the form of ulcers.

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4. Eat more low-fat things

Often everyone is told what to eat in summer, because even the food items in summer cause heat in the body, in such a situation, you should take water-rich things like apple, watermelon, and cucumber in plenty. Along with this, include loki tomatoes and green vegetables in your food. Stay away from meat and alcohol as this type of food takes more time to digest and it leads to thermogenesis which generates heat inside you. Avoid consumption of gravy dishes, fried food, and spicy snacks.

Instead of meat, eat foods with other sources of protein, such as yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. These are called cooling foods. You can also consume lassi or buttermilk, it will give relief from the internal heat of the body. Meets. Apart from this, you can also prepare sherbet at home from mongra leaves. Which keeps your body cool. Cut down on caffeine intake as caffeine is a diuretic and in summer your body already flushes out a lot of water.

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How to avoid heat: What are the measures and precautions

As the heat rises, .If you do not take measures to avoid the heat, then you can suffer from many diseases. Let us know how summer is the most dangerous and how to treat it immediately


Due to heat, there is a lack of water in your body. This happens when you are busy with work for a long time or do more body work and you did not drink water for a long time, due to which the problem of dehydration arises in summer.

  • Keep drinking water regularly after a short time to avoid dehydration of your body. If your throat is getting dry frequently then it is a sign that your body is not hydrated.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise or exercise on a day when it is very hot as it dries up your body’s water quickly.
  • Do heavy exercises early in the morning and late in the evening when it is cool.

Signs of dehydration

  • sweating profusely
  • feeling weak or tired
  • feeling nauseous
  • body temperature rise
  • yellowing of the skin or reading of the face
  • fainting

What to do

If you are out of the house and there are signs of dehydration, rest in a shaded and quiet place. If possible, keep electrolytes drinks with you and drink them from time to time.
Avoid carbonated and caffeinated drinks.

  • Due to excessive heat, the possibility of heatstroke also increases, which is also called heat stroke. Many times, due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the heat in the brain increases due to the continuous falling of the sun on the head, and the flow of oxygen in the brain is reduced and due to the heat, the headache starts.
  • Darkness before the eyes
  • fainting
  • nose bleed
  • sudden rise in body temperature
  • reddening or bluish discoloration of the skin
  • Due to excessive sweating in summer, the skin of the body is also affected. Sweat keeps on coming and accumulating on the Keep the skin clean and dry as possible to reduce your chances of infection
  • Regulate body temperature with the help of cold water and a cooler.
  • Wear loose cotton clothes.
  • Use special lotions to lessen the effect
  • While going out of the house in summer, you must use an umbrella, come out of the house only after drinking water or cold syrup, like Aam Panna and shikanji are more beneficial, if you were in the strong sun then you should not drink cold water at once. How to protect yourself from the heat

How to Stay Healthy and Fit in Summer

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