Try Natural Tips to Increase Your Sex Drive

Having more or less a sex drive is a feeling, without it, it is difficult to imagine the best sex. Therefore, to keep your sex drive consistent, you also have to try some tips.

The reasons for more or less sex desire are stress, health, and bad relationships. If a couple constantly feels that their sex life is no longer as satisfying and enjoyable as before, then it is a sign of their low sex drive. The busy schedule and fatigue of a working husband-wife is the biggest obstacle in this. Sex drive cannot be increased or decreased at will. For this, love, romance, and some time are very important. Here are 6 tips that you can try to increase your declining sex drive.

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Spend quality time together every day

Spend at least 20 minutes of quality time with your life partner every day. Couples who take out quality time every day to have breakfast together, walk in the park with loving hands, exercise together every day, and go shopping for household items together. This strengthens their relationship even more, as well as their mutual closeness also increases. Due to this, the sex drive also increases.


Get a nutritious diet for a better sex life

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For the best sex life, it is necessary to have a nutritious diet. The male sex drive is influenced by testosterone and females by estrogen. Processed food, junk food and fried food reduce sexual arousal. Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes also decreases sexual arousal. Include dark chocolate, eggs, chicken, green vegetables, soybeans, broccoli, fruits, milk-curd, soya greens, garlic, dry fruits, ginger, cinnamon, and desi ghee in your diet. This prevents problems that reduce libido.

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Foreplay and afterplay are important during sex

Focus on foreplay and after a play during sex, it increases libido. Couples touch each other for a long time and caress their various parts for pleasurable sex. Massaging each other, sucking on the wife’s breasts, gently pressing and stroking, kissing and caressing the sex organs, mild molestation, such things as increasing the sex drive.

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Sex drive killers stay away from stress



It is very difficult to get ready for sex when you are stressed. So try to overcome your stress and worries. For this, do meditation, listen to your favorite music, and go for a walk in a park. If there is no stress then good and deep sleep will also come. In couples who get good sleep, their mood and energy level are also good. The role of good sleep is also important in increasing sex drive. Men love the scent of lavender and women love the scent of vanilla, mogra, jasmine, cinnamon, and essential oils. Use these fragrances in your bedroom during sex. Sex excitement will also increase and you will be able to enjoy sex with a fresh mood.

Sexual desire is created and disturbed by the synergy of mind and body, so psychological and physical fitness is very important. Seek help from a sex therapist if necessary to stay psychologically fit. Counseling is very helpful in this. If necessary, treatment can also be done with medicines. This automatically improves negative thoughts about sex and lack of sexual desire. Exercising is very important for physical fitness. It is very important to do regular Kegel exercises and pelvic exercises to increase sex drive.

Maintain your body weight. Because due to obesity and obesity, both men and women start complaining of low sex drive. Whereas the sex drive of fit couples is quite good. Therefore, do yoga, jogging, aerobics, Zumba, or exercise daily, this will maintain weight. If the body is fit, then the sex drive will also increase and the excitement of having sex will also remain intact.


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