How to Lose Belly Fat: Why losing belly fat is so big a challenge?

Belly fat is not only destroying your body physique, but it is majorly harmful to our health too. Here we are discussing why lose belly fat is so big a challenge?

You decided to follow the diet plan to reduce the belly fat . . . some days later you don’t get enough results. Now there could be two main reasons for that.

First, you didn’t follow the diet plan strictly, and either you skip the meal or overeat sometimes.

Second, you cheat yourself with some tasty and delicious junk food and sugar-loaded beverages.

Still, thinking about how to lose belly fat? Is your belly makes you look awkward? Generally, people with a big belly are not considered fit or healthy but there is something more to look at.

Belly fat gets stored in the lower region of the abdomen in both the gender. Despite of gender, we all should take basic precautions to reduce and regulate belly fat.

Why losing Belly fat is hard?

  1. Hormonal Change

It is the first reason that makes losing belly fat so hard. The gain or loss in weight highly depends on our hormones and some other factors.

Surelyone has heard from a lean guy that he eats too much but didn’t gain weight whereas, a fat guy can be heard saying that a little more calorie intake leads to gain weight.

Fact: Women stores soft fat in their abdominal and thigh region whereas men store hard fat in their abdominal region

Now we Should Know About the Types of Body Fats:

Soft Belly Fat:

soft belly fat is visible through open eyes as we hold our belly. This fat is stored just under our skin. As far the research, about 90% of our body fat is soft.

Hard Belly Fat:

Hard Belly fat is more dangerous for us as compared to soft fat. It is located deep under the skin and mostly located around organs like the lungs, kidneys, and heart. Also, it is known as Visceral fat.

Why Belly Fat is Dangerous?

Too much fat not only slows you down and increases laziness in the body but also, affects the health state of the body. There are several disadvantages of having belly fat.

Also, it slows the metabolism which increases the chances of gaining disease.

Here are some allies which develops with belly fat:

  1. Heart Diseases
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Migrane
  4. Cancer
  5. Loss of memory

And several more. But these were some harmful effects on the body due to increased belly fat or obesity.


5 Things to Avoid to Reduce Belly Fat


  1. Sugar/Soda drinks

There is a reason behind why soft drinks are known as sugar drinks. Simply because they contain a lot of sugar. This sugar is present in the form of fructose which increases the capability of weight gaining.

If you don’t want to develop a big belly, you should minimize or avoid heavy sugar intake.

  1. Less sleep

As we all know about the importance of sleep in one’s life. It refreshes, repairs, and recovers your body and brain. Regardless of which if you sleep less, it could be not beneficial for you.

There are so many harmful effects of sleeping less, most of them are psychological but it has an effect on your health too.

Sleeping fewer hours could become a reason for the accumulation of fat in your body, as the disturbance in the sleep cycle messes up with the metabolism of the body.

One more reason could be that when you sleep less you are likely to develop some sort of stress that increases with time. And in stress, a person is likely to eat more. This extra or overeating could be the reason for your big belly.

  1. Tea/ Coffee

Again, tea and coffee are loaded with sugar. Hence there is no need to say that it is a strong possible reason for your increased weight.

The major role is played by the tea/coffee itself in gaining weight but it is accompanied by the snacks that we consume along with tea/coffee-like cookies, etc.

Therefore, green tea is the best option to consider here in order to lose belly fat. It has no sugar and has several benefits for the body.

  1. Deep Fried Foods:

Consuming Food items deeply fried in oil is a reason to worry about. A large intake of such food items increases the fat percentage in the body rapidly.

In order to reduce belly fat, avoid eating fried foods at least for the period until the body fat falls in the normal range.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is also known for swelling up the things. It is an inflammatory substance, it swells up the things.

Alcohol when mixed with sugar and carbonated beverages, it only makes it worse by increasing the capacity to swell more.

And, most of the alcohol-containing beverages are loaded with fructose (a form of sugar ). That is why It is highly recommended for drinkers to avoid alcohol in order to lose belly fat.

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