What happens If We release Sperm Daily

What happens If We release Sperm Daily

What happens if we release or ejaculate sperm daily? Do you also want to know the answers to questions similar to this? So without wasting any time. . . let’s begin.

As I have written already in my other articles, semen(sperm) is the last essence of the food that we eat.

Food goes through a long journey of at least 35 days to get converted into semen. Our body produces semen daily once we hit the age of puberty.

Although, our body produces it daily simply doesn’t means that one should ejaculate or waste it daily. It is the most precious thing that a male can have for the internal nourishment of the organs including our brain.


What happens when a person releases sperm daily?

The one-word answer for the question above is –” Disaster”.

First of all, sperm never comes alone out of the body. It comes along with a white fluid as we m@sturbate.

This fluid is known as semen. Semen is a seminal fluid that contains live sperms, proteins, citric acids, and several other types of nutrients.

If you are releasing sperms daily whether intentionally or not – it will lead you to the downfall only.

Daily release of sperms will drain your life energy and results in weakening of the organs of the body.

There is no doubt that jerking off daily will give you pleasure and relax your brain but for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, in the long run, the habit of ejaculating daily will start showing it’s a bad effect on your Mind and Body.

Our body produces 200-300 million sperms once we hit the age of puberty. These sperms are made from the finest blood drops produced by the bone marrow.

According to ayurvedic literature, one drop of semen is near equals to 40 drops of blood.

And one ejaculation contains 5-10 ml of semen, which means a lot of blood gets wasted in a single ejaculation.


Releasing sperms daily makes us weak. Shut down the brain and makes us numb for a while.

This is the reason why we either fall asleep or don’t want to perform any task after ejaculation. A lot of energy is drained out from the body which makes us feel exhausted and pass out.


What happens if we release sperm daily at the age of 20?

Releasing sperms daily will never give you any benefit in life regarding health.

In fact, it will start affecting your mind and body in a negative way.

Release of semen from the body by any activity other than s*x is considered harmful for the body.

The semen of a male possess life energy which gets wasted every single time you ejaculate.

Which is why one feel dizziness and exhausted just after the release.

Moreover, the daily release will end up making you an addict to m@sturbation which is even worse.

In addition, the daily release of sperms will damage or act as a hindrance in the development of the prefrontal cortex in the brain.

The phenomenon explained above can lead to face problems like Memory retardation, less IQ, and Decreasing Intelligent Quotient responsible for General Reasoning.

Side Effects of Releasing Sperm Daily(m@sturbation)

– Loss of Confidence.

– lead to hair loss.

– Affects the eyesight.

– Decreases immunity of the body.

– Makes and addict to watching p*rn regularly.

– One can lose interest in real girls.

– Affects the lifestyle in several ways.

– Makes you Weak.

And several more. . .

Hence, the practice of masturbation should be controlled or Avoid totally if you can.

One more side effect of releasing sperm daily is that it can lead to Premature Ejaculation. The nerves that hold the sperms get weaken by regular fapping.

Resulting in ejaculation in a short time of experiencing sensations in the organ. It can only be cured by abstaining from ejaculation for a quite good time.

Moreover, M@sturbation nowadays has become a sleeping pill for many youngsters. Many people asleep late in the night only after Fapping by knowing that it will remove stress but in the long run they are falling for a traps like P*rn Addiction, Premature Ejaculation, ED, etc.


What happens when a man does not release sperm?

When a man doesn’t release sperm for a long time, several positive changes begin to appear in the body and thinking.

The Man who does not ejaculate:

– looks more confident.

– Able to Make Eye-Contact.

– Show Courage.

– Expresses Manliness through Actions.

– Have Shiny Eyes.

– Glowing Skin.

– Carries a positive aura around himself.

And Several More.

When you abstain from ejaculation for at least 90 days, the semen which is produced in the testes starts to reabsorb in the body and nourishes the whole body(Especially the human Brain) like no other Food can.

However, if you want to read more about it. Click here.

How often should a man ejaculate?

Well, there is no exact number which can become the answer to this question. According to researches published on the internet, a man should ejaculate at least 21 times a month to avoid the risk of prostate cancer.

But Personally, I would not recommend such a number to any group of people, irrespective of their age. Ejaculation will only take away the life energy which can be used to uplift yourself in society and life.

No matter how much researches are done regarding this but still I would say you guys try the Nofap challenge in life. It will change your whole life.

Conclusion On What happens when we release Sperms Daily?

The only conclusion I want to present here is that maybe ejaculation daily gives you pleasures, reduces stress, and makes you feel better by escaping from reality.

But all these feeling lasts for about a few seconds. The real problem starts just after the ejaculation i.e. Guilt, Facing reality again.

Although it has severe negative effects on the body and mind as well which I have mentioned above.

Daily release of sperm will not get you anything In life, whereas it will make you weak as it contains valuable nutrients like protein, citric acid, live sperms, mucous, iron, calcium, etc. Nourishes the body like nothing can.

In my opinion, you must try Nofap to experience the change within yourself. Click here to know more about NoFap 90 days Challenge.

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