7 Ways to Control Cholesterol Levels | Cholesterol Diet

7 Ways to Control Cholesterol Levels | Cholesterol Diet. Change your diet to prevent cholesterol from rising. Consuming a healthy diet instead of packed foods, dairy products, and fried foods will reduce cholesterol in a natural way.

Are you also troubled by the problem of increasing cholesterol? If yes, then the biggest reason could be your diet. An unhealthy diet increases the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood, leading to problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney failure, obesity, and diabetes. To keep the cholesterol level always right, you have to pay attention to your diet first.

High cholesterol is one of the big problems of today. 8 out of 10 people are facing it. You cannot even imagine how dangerous this problem is. Having high cholesterol increases the risk of a heart attack. For people who have a high amount of saturated fat in their diet, or consume more fried products with trans fat, then the number of bad cholesterol increases in the blood. Here we are telling you 5 such diet rules, by following which you will be able to reduce cholesterol easily.

How to reduce cholesterol naturally-

Today, we are giving so much attention to packed and fried food, it is because of this that every second person is suffering from high cholesterol and high cholesterol is one of the main reasons for heart attack and coronary heart disease. In such a situation, everyone should limit the consumption of packaged and processed, chocolate, and fried foods.

Cholesterol can also be reduced naturally. There are many superfoods that need to be included in the daily diet to control cholesterol.

Please note:- If you have Hypercholesterolemia there is no cure for that. You will have to consult with your doctor so start medicnine for that.

What is Hypercholesterolemia?

Increase intake of whole grains

One way to control high cholesterol is through whole grains. Fiber and other nutrients are found in very good amounts in it, which not only keeps blood pressure under control but also helps in keeping the heart healthy.


Good physical activity options include brisk walking, running, and resistance training. The American Heart Association (AHA) advises people to aim for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad,” cholesterol levels

Benefits of consuming oats and barley

Both oats and barley can prevent an increase in cholesterol. Both of them are rich in a type of fiber called beta-glucan. Experts say that a healthy diet of 3 grams of beta gluten daily reduces cholesterol.

When you eat beta-gluten, it forms a gel that keeps cholesterol-rich bile acids in the intestines. This limits the amount of cholesterol absorbed from the intestine into your blood. Sometimes the liver has to take more cholesterol from the blood to make more bile, due to which the amount of cholesterol in the blood starts decreasing. 

Eat nuts to reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol levels can also be reduced by eating nuts. Nuts are high in unsaturated fat and low in saturated fat. The combination of these two helps in keeping cholesterol under control. The fiber in nuts helps block some of the cholesterol that is absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream. Please avoid taking cashew. Walnuts and almonds are the best options.

Eat fruits and vegetables

There is no need to tell how important fruits and vegetables are for health. But you will not know how beneficial it proves to be in reducing your cholesterol. In fact, most fruits and vegetables are rich in some type of fiber. This fiber helps prevent cholesterol from being absorbed from the intestines into the bloodstream. Most fiber is found in pulses, peas, lentils, and beans. Sweet potatoes, okra, broccoli, apples, and strawberries are also good choices.

Eat eggs daily

Regular consumption of low-fat protein is another way to control your cholesterol. Lean meats, fish, low-fat dairy items, soybeans, walnuts, omega-3s, and eggs are rich in protein. One large egg has about 186 mg of cholesterol — all of which is found in the yolk. If your diet contains little other cholesterol, according to some studies, eating up to an egg a day might be an OK choice. If you are eating eggs then make sure you eat 1 whole egg and the rest egg whites.

Cook food in healthy oil

The main reason for the increase in cholesterol is the consumption of unhealthy oils. But now you have to give up this habit and include olive or mustard oil in your diet. These oils contain unsaturated fat, which makes it easier to reduce bad cholesterol. Explain that reducing cholesterol levels means curbing unhealthy fats. Therefore, if you are troubled by increasing cholesterol, then the consumption of cheese, butter, and refined oils has to be minimized.

Rising cholesterol can be an alarm bell for you. In such a situation, it should be controlled in time. Minimize your intake of things rich in saturated fat in your diet.

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