Developing abs requires more than just performing effective ab exercises. In this article, we have summarized the most important tips for developing abdominal muscles, thanks to which you can quickly, easily, but especially effectively get six-pack abs.

Tips on how to build your dream abs

1. You don’t need to train your abdominal muscles every day.

You unconsciously engage your abdominal muscles when you train other muscle groups, such as your legs or back. Also remember that you activate your abs when you’re doing exercises like squats or deadlifts, not when you’re doing machine exercises.

In any case, you do not need to train the press every day. The abdominal muscles are a group of muscles that also need recovery rest after a workout. Abs have slower twitch muscle fibers, which means they have a higher resistance threshold. You will see results if you give your abs enough time to regenerate. 

2. Abs Workout Doesn’t Burn Belly Fat

You can do crunches to exhaustion, but this does not significantly reduce belly fat. There is no way to burn fat in certain areas. It would be best if you lost weight overall, so you must keep track of your daily intake and calorie burn during your workout.

3. To make the abdominal muscles visible, you need to reduce the percentage of fat

Unlike other muscle groups, it is necessary to reduce body fat for the abdominal muscles to be visible, no matter how many abdominal exercises you perform. Reducing body fat requires burning more or fewer calories. Genetics also play a role, especially at the level of body fat. Some people find it easier to lose fat, while others don’t. You must never give up.

4. Train in moderation and eat right

Packed abs can be one of the signs that a person is at a healthy weight,  especially today, obesity is very common. However, this does not automatically mean that a person is healthy.

You probably know people who have steel abs but are not healthy because they are malnourished or do cardio all the time. Finding the sweet spot is not only the key to achieving your dream abs but also to keeping it.

5. The press can pump everyone up

We believe this statement is true, but to pump up the press, you need enthusiasm and perseverance, not only in the gym. But remember that the abs’ overall shape depends on genetics.

Nutrition and press

Of course, sticking to a plan where you bulk up and expect your abs to become more prominent is not easy. You will be able to strengthen your abs during your workouts, but you have probably heard that the abs are rocking in the kitchen. While this works for most muscle groups, this is doubly true for the abdomen.

Most athletes follow a diet plan where they eat enough calories to stay in shape. However, gaining mass and at the same time having a traced press is almost impossible.

To build abs, you must pay attention to your eating style. Instead of reducing the amount of food you eat, it makes more sense to increase your protein intake. This will help you stay full and maintain your muscle mass.

Instead of watching your carbohydrate intake, especially sugar, pay attention to the hidden calories in drinks and eat enough vegetables. As you know, the goal is to burn more calories than you consume daily.


With regular protein intake, the chances of losing muscle mass are much lower, and at the same time, you will be able to burn more fat.

A set of exercises for the press

The truth is that nutrition is the most important part of getting beautiful abs. Workouts should take 15 to 20 minutes every 2-3 days. Train your abs intensely and give your body time to recover through rest and healthy eating. Other “secrets” of the press are inertia and correctly performed exercises.

You can choose any number of exercises to build your abs , and it is also important to choose exercises that you enjoy. We have prepared for you some effective exercises for each part of the press.

Lower Abs: The lower abs are commonly referred to as the lower section of the rectus abdominis. Raising the legs is an exercise mainly on the lower part of the abdominal press. Make sure to keep your back tight. 

Best exercises : leg raises, push-up leg raises, incline crunches, climber.

Upper press:  this is the name of the upper part of the rectus abdominis. Pumping up the upper press is much easier than the lower or side press, as it is more involved in everyday life.

Best Exercises : Crunches, Incline Bench Crunches, Machine Crunches


Oblique abdominal muscles: located on the sides of the body. It is recommended to train them more intensively with less weight, so as not to pump too much oblique muscles, as they visually increase the width of the waist.

Best exercises: Hanging side to side leg raises, low weight “Lumberjack” exercise ( cable wood choppers ), Russian twist

More Tips on How to Build Abs

• Choose three exercises , one from each category, and do 4 reps for each exercise.
• Take short breaks between repetitions – about 30 to 60 seconds.
• For bodyweight exercises, use controlled “isolation” movements and perform the exercise to exhaustion.
• For upper abdominal exercises, such as crunches, choose a weight that will tire your muscles after 12-15 reps.
• Choose a lighter weight to train your obliques.
• Do a Russian twist for at least 40 seconds.


Ultimately, hours of endless workouts do not guarantee strong abs. Train your abs from different angles using different exercises to ensure the best results. Eat less and burn more calories during exercise and get rid of excess body fat. Train in moderation, eat right and balance, and your dreams will not keep you waiting!

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