Anti-Aging Tips for Body and Mind

Have you heard it said that aging is a state of mind? In part, that’s probably true! It’s also a state of the body. Here are some anti-aging tips for both your mind and your body.


Anti Aging Tips for Body and Mind


Keeping your skin supple and elastic is essential for looking and feeling young. Many sources note the importance of eating fresh fruit for skin health. Not only does it contain antioxidants that help reduce the effects of aging – but fresh fruit also helps your body produce and maintain collagen, the elastic protein that keeps skin supple. Citrus fruits and berries are said to be particularly effective. Fresh fruit also hydrates your body, an essential aspect of looking younger.

In addition to eating fresh fruits, your skin may benefit from drinking water, too. After all, hydration of the skin starts from the inside, and water helps flush out any toxins and impurities that may be building up in your system.


Exercise is important for all ages, so beware of thinking you don’t have to engage in it because you’re aging! As you begin to grow older, exercise is essential. Here are some reasons why.

  • Joint health is positively affected by proper exercise. Weight-bearing but low-impact exercises may be best, such as bike riding or low-impact aerobics – this is purported to reduce and prevent bone loss (which can result in osteoporosis). The movement of the joints also helps keep them lubricated, reducing inflammation and the pain of arthritis.
  • Excess weight gain can creep up on us as we age. Exercising regularly helps keep weight in check.
  • Toning those areas most affected by age – the belly (in men) and the triceps (in women), for example, can help prevent the appearance of age.


Laughing and having fun can significantly reduce stress, sources say. Stress reduction helps you feel and look younger. So go ahead – dance around, listen to music from your college years, read a funny book, or watch a funny movie – and laugh!

Get Adequate Sleep

Ever wonder why it’s called “beauty rest”? The adage came to be that getting enough sleep prevents rings, circles, and puffiness under the eyes and helps keep the face from having that saggy look associated with aging.


A study has shown that Icelanders eat the most seafood of any population in the world, and, at 81, they also have one of the longest life expectancies. While most of us can’t practically replicate Icelanders’ consumption (220 pounds per person per year!), we can incorporate more seafood into our diets. Salmon is considered particularly healthy. Consider at least two meals a week that center around seafood.

Another anti-aging diet tip is to steam your veggies, sources say. Steamed vegetables reduce inflammation (associated with aging), whereas fried or grilled vegetables may increase inflammation.

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