The 13 signs of low Testosterone

As we all know that testosterone is an essential male hormone that is necessary for the development and growth of the body. It is also known as the male hormone.

Although, it can be found in females too in a very less proportion as compared to men. It is a hormone that has versatile effects on the body of males.

I have written several posts about testosterone on the website In those posts, I have covered almost every possible topic of testosterone. You can read them just by clicking it here. Or you can contact me through the comments section too.

In today’s post, I am not gonna cover how to increase testosterone levels, or how to measure testosterone levels, etc. Instead In this post, we will know about the signs of low testosterone in the body.


What happens when the levels of testosterone fall below the average? How a person reacts when his testosterone level becomes low? What are the common signs that may give you an indication about the testosterone level being low in the body? How can I raise my testosterone levels?

To get all these answers read this article till the end.

The common signs of low testosterone


1. Increase in Body Fat

Lower testosterone levels can be easily judged if there is an increase in body fat. Fat and testosterone are opposites for each other. Up to a certain level, fat and testosterone don’t interfere but if the fat percentage in the body is increasing in the body, it will decrease the testosterone levels in the body.

Moreover, the low testosterone level will increase the body fat, it will make you gain weight and make it typical to lose it. Also, it will boost up your belly fat. Hence increase in body fat simply means that testosterone levels are going down or badly affected.


2. Loss of Muscle Mass

Lower testosterone levels will surely make you lose muscle mass. So, if your muscles start to lose mass or you feel them loose more than usual then you may consider it as a sign of lower testosterone in the body.

Because testosterone is directly related to the muscle growth in the body and also responsible for the increased muscle mass. Hence if you are not gaining muscle mass, probably you lack testosterone up to the levels required.


3. Mood changes

If you are facing mood swings in your behavior probably because of an imbalance of testosterone levels. Mood changes either there is an increase or decrease in T Levels which is not right in neither of the cases.

But specifically, if you are feeling stress, irritability, or continuous mood swings. It is a sign of lower testosterone levels in the body.


4. Low motivation

Motivation again is a great factor to determine this. If the testosterone levels become you will feel a  burning desire, aggression, fearless attitude within yourself.
Whereas, low levels of testosterone will make you feel low, less energetic, less motivated around a specific task.

5. Increased Emotionality

Along with the physical changes lower levels of testosterone also interferes with a person emotionally. Lower testosterone levels in the body lead to increased emotionality.

A person starts to feel and think more about the emotions he feels. Also, depression is highly related to men with lower levels of testosterone.

6. Low Energy & More Fatigue

Fatigue is the common sign of low testosterone levels in the body. If you start to feel more tired and fatigued than usual probably it is a clear indication of lower levels of testosterone.
Also it will make you feel like you don’t have the energy to do the task. You will feel very low.


7. Decrease in Bone Mass

Similar to loss of muscle mass, lower testosterone levels also decrease bone mass. It leads to a decrease in bone density which overall makes the body weak.

8. Man breasts

Man breasts are also known as man B**bs start to appear in men with usually low testosterone. Fat starts to accumulate in the body once the testosterone levels fall below a certain level. This accumulation of fat on the stomach considered belly fat and the same fat molecules when deposited around the chest leads to develop man B**bs.

9. Low Semen Volume

A panel of experts in one research noted that men with lower levels of testosterone result in the release of less semen during ejaculation. Although it doesn’t affect your ability to feel or reach orgasm. But still, it is felt by most of the men around the men.

The parts of man body which produces semen and other body fluids like the prostate, testicles and seminal vesicles needs testosterone in a good amount. But if the supply of T hormone is low, the fluid quantity may get affected seriously.


10. Lack of Sex Drive

Although we can’t say that testosterone is the only primary factor for sex drive in males yes it one of the important ones. Low T levels can make you feel tired and lack sex drive.

It reduces your ability to perform better in bed. If you are feeling so you better check your T levels and try to normalize them naturally by these ways.

11. Genital Numbness

It is found that guys with low T level complains about the numbness down there. The organ doesn’t become totally numb, I mean you can still feel a pinch or touch on it but the hardness and strength are felt to be gone.This can totally affect your sexual and personal life.

12. Testicular shrinkage

It has been reported that testicles shrink slightly and feel more soft than usual if the T levels are insufficient. Check you testicles if they are shrinking or not.


13. Difficulty in Erection

Did you know that erection In a male’s body is triggered by the release of tiny molecules of nitro oxide? But these nitro oxide molecules don’t get released themselves.






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