How to Gain Muscles Fast

How to Gain Muscle. The Best possible way to get muscle fast

Many people spend their whole lives in the gym working very hard and hitting countless reps and sets and sweating. Many make sacrifices such as giving up eating sweets, and fast foods. But only a few kilograms of muscle grow in his body. The body is not made the kind of body we want.

So what and where are we lacking? Why are you not getting results? Today we will talk about some such points in this subject. If you pay attention to them, the body will be formed soon. The results will start showing in 4 weeks only.

So if you want to build a body and avoid wasting time, then proper training and the right diet plan have to be followed. And follow these points.

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Eat More Calories:

If your goal is to increase muscle mass, then obviously you will have to add more calories to your diet than you burn in a day. This is a physiological way to gain muscle. If you do not increase the calories and do heavy workouts, then the muscles start burning in the form of energy when your body does not have enough glycogen stored.  Due to this the size of the muscles also decreases. To increase the number of calories, use peanut butter, ghee, and dry foods which contain fat and a lot of calories, these calories will be useful in your workout.  Divide your meal into 3-5 parts. Eat 500 calories more than needed according to your daily calorie intake.

Protein rich Foods


Protein is the most important element for bodybuilding. Protein is the basis for building muscle. by which new muscles are formed. Many people do not consume much protein. And mobilizing such an amount of protein is not easy. When enough protein is not available, the body will not be able to build muscle. So do not let the lack of protein in the body. The body can digest 20-30 grams of protein in a meal but we will not go into a debate about how much protein the body digests so protein has to be eaten in 3-4 meals a day at 20 g/meal. For a bodybuilder of average protein, 1-3 grams will have to be taken according to kg weight.

Research on protein:-

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Eating the Right Food

Eating the right diet is very important for bodybuilding. Lots of calories are needed, proteins, and fats are needed and many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are needed from which the body can function properly and muscles can be produced. So don’t use the wrong foods for muscle gain pizza contains a lot of calories but nothing in nutritional substances. So whatever food you consume, first check its nutrition values ​​and then eat it. So you will know how much fat you ate and how many calories you ate. So everything has to be kept in balance.

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The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Exercise

Workout Pattern

At the time of starting the gym, all the workouts seemed hard. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press, Overhead press But after time the same exercise becomes quite comfortable and easy. Like because the muscles which are stressed by those workouts get stronger. The growth rate in those muscles also decreases. So don’t do this for a long time. Work out those muscles in some new way which is a little difficult. Due to this, the supporting muscles will also be strong and the size will also increase. And confidence and motivation will also increase.

The most successful way to gain muscle is heavy weight training. Workout for hours with lightweights for several reps and by applying heavyweights instead of many set workouts. The higher the weight. The stronger the muscle strength, the more muscles will swell. But keep in mind that before applying more weight, warm up with lightweight. And avoid getting hurt. Keep someone together for support.

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Quality Sleep:-

Sleeping for 7-9 hours per night is essential, especially if you want to change your body composition, increase muscle mass, or be ready for your personal training session the next day. Sleep promotes muscle recovery by increasing protein synthesis and releasing human growth hormones.

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