5 Best Yoga for Nightfall

5 Best Yoga for Nightfall

Yoga is a practice which was originated from India.
However, Yoga has cure for almost all the problems related to human body.

Practicing Yoga doesn’t only help to cure the problems but it has several more real life benefits.

Also, Yoga brings about the best from our health.

Yoga comprises of different postures commonly known as “asanas”.

Today we are going to discuss about some yoga which are proven beneficial in problem related to nightfall.

This article is truly dedicated to yoga for nightfall.

By doing regular yoga and exercise, the problem of nightfall can be tackled easily.

And in the end I will give you some tips to stop Nightfall. Stick to the end.

5 Best “Yoga for nightfall”

1. Sarvaangasana:

shoulderstand pose salamba sarvangasana spotebi


This asana is among one of the best asanas as It covers the whole body. The main focus of performing this asana is to increase the circulation of blood in all parts of the body. Sarvaangasana is popularly known as “Shoulderstand”. As the whole weight of the body rests on the shoulders.

Position : lie down in supine position. Raise your legs, your hips and back at 90 degrees from the ground. The arms should be on floor. Make sure that legs, abdomen and shoulder should be in a straight line.

This asana has proven beneficial in curing the problems of nightfall along with hypertension, constipation, insomnia, sexual disorders etc.

2. Vajrasana

505px Vajrasana pos


“Vajra” In Sanskrit means “Thunderbolt or Diamond”. This asana comes under the category of sitting asana. One more interesting fact about this yoga pose is that “Vajrasana” can only be performed after having food.

Rest of all yoga poses are practiced empty stomach. This yoga pose also have wonderful effects on the human body.

Position: First you have to kneel and then sit down on your legs. Your hips should rest on heels. Arms should rest on thigh and chin should be parallel to the floor.

This asana ease in Digestion, and removes constipation. Vajrasana also strengthens the pelvic muscles. Strength of pelvic muscles is essential to control the discharge during the night.

3. Bhujangasana





Bhujangasana is also known as “cobra pose”. Bhujang means “Snake” in Sanskrit language. In this asana the body is posed like a snake with his raised hood.

Position: lie on the ground on your stomach. Chin should be relaxed on the floor. Feet should slightly touch each other. Now, place hands exactly under shoulder and with a deep inhaling lift your upper body parts head, shoulders and chest. Hold the position for sometime and exhale while going back to original relax position.

This asana is very beneficial for back and abdomen. It strengthens and regulates organs present below the belt. Hence it is useful in treating nightfall.

4. Paschimottanasana


“Pashcimottanasana” this word is derived from sanskrit language which is formed by combining 3 different words I.e.: paschim which refers to back of our body, uttana means to stretch and asana is pose in yoga. This asana is a type of sitting yoga asana.

Position: Sit down with legs open in forward. Hold the thumb of the feet with fingers of hand and bend forward with inhaling so that the head should touch the knees which should be straight on the ground. Try to hold the position for 10-20 seconds and exhale while back to original position.

This asana, calms the mind and stretches the back. It Also improve digestion and reduces fatigue. people with swapandosh (Nightfall) issues should perform this asana.

5. Kandharasana



Also known as “Shoulder Pose”. the word “Kandharasana” is originated from sanskrit language which means Shoulder and pose in english. This asana should be practiced before forward bending asana.

Position: lie down in supine position. Fold your knees. Heels should touch the buttocks. Hold ankles with your hand and while inhaling raise hips, abdomen, and chest as high as possible. Shoulders and feet should be on the ground. Exhale slowly while returning to normal position.

This asana cure pain of many organs in the body. It improves digestion and increases virility in men. Hence puts a good effect on s*xual performance and cures Nightfall. It is also an important asana for those with nightfall issues.

There are some more yoga practices which can cure Nightfall. But discussed above are the best exercises to perform.

To get the maximum result from these yoga practices, these should be done in the morning before sunrise and regularly.

Irregularity will lead to unsatisfied results.

We will discuss some more asana that can cure nightfall ( swapnadosh ) in any other article, but till then follow the upper yoga poses.

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