10 Best Tips To Improve Quality Of Sleep

10 Best Tips To Improve Quality Of Sleep

Getting frustrated flipping and tossing yourself on the bed at night? Looking for a calm and quality sleep? Then my friend you have landed on the right page. This article is all about how to get good and comfortable sleep along with the tips to improve the quality of sleep.

Following are The Tips To Improve The Quality of Sleep

1. Read Books At Night

A little reading is all therapy a person needs sometimes. It enlightens one’s self.

Ultimately, books impart knowledge to us and they will always help us to create a vision and have more clarity about things.

Sometimes we read the experiences of the writer, which alerts us in advance. Learning from someone else’s experience is a lavishing skill.
Moreover, it helps to unlock the imaginative and creative powers of our mind.

You can try reading books of various genres and find yourself a suitable one. Try reading books before sleep and it will surely elevate the quality of your sleep.

2. Listen to good music

After having a whole tiring day what should we expect? Listening to good soothing music has always considered being the best. Music that get on to our nerves, music which makes us fell relaxed.

It calms all the hustling cells of our body, turns the vibe into a more relaxed form and we start to connect with the music.

Feel it and recall good, happy memories. Listening to good relaxing music while lying in the bed will let you feel calm and happy.

Listen to some more of them and soon you will be diving in the ocean of sleep along with a board of joyful dreams.

3. Stop thinking and overthinking

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that weren’t even there. If one wants to destroy the eternal peace, he can start overthinking.

Worrying about the things, incidents, events, sayings which never have happened still is the core component of over-thinking. And, it hits hard to some people while they go to the bed. Worrying is not the solution to anything. We can only be worried either about the past or future. We always end up spoiling our present.

As a result, we got nothing but problems only, for instance, depression, anxiety, aggression, stress, etc.

So as to reduce the problem, we should adopt the habit of planning our next day schedule. This will help to execute day to day things in a little organized manner.

Sleeping with a tensed or mind thinking about several things ain’t gonna get the quality of sleep you are in search for.

4. Be comfortable

First of all, find yourself a good and comfortable place to sleep. We sleep to be relaxed only if the place is comfortable enough.

Apart from this, a good body posture is necessary while sleeping because a bad body posture while sleeping may rise to many problems such as cervical, thyroid, severe body ache, fatigue.

5. Neatness and cleaniness

Make sure the place of sleeping should be hygienic. Your bed should have a clean bed sheet and cushions. As we know, living in an unhygienic place has always been difficult for living beings. Having some flowers on the bedside and candles or soft lights would be great.

So, this will create a fresh environment which would help to sleep better

6. Fix your bedtime

Often, we avoid fixing or decide our bedtime and many people don’t feel the need of doing so.

But it is important to get the answer to our very common questions such as how to sleep better, how to improve sleep quality, how to overcome sleep deprivation, and so on. Hence, we should make a night routine in order to deal with the lack of sleep and the problem occurs due to irregular sleeping patterns.

7. Start writing diary

Simply, an attempt of being a carefree and careful person at the some time. Diary writing is a very unique way to keep a record of our days spent.
Pen down the thoughts, unload the emotions on a paper, give a break to mind and enjoy the rhythm of the night.

8. Don’t sleep in day time

Sleeping more in the day time will automatically reduce the sleeping time at night. On a serious tone, avoid afternoon naps. It will mess with your night sleeping routine. Although, Sleeping on a proper time is equally important. And nighttime is the best time to sleep which nature itself offers.

Many successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and others also give themselves a sleeping break at night only.

9. Meditate

First, it’s important to filter our thoughts, our mindset, and our vision, which creates clarity. Second, adopting a few physical exercises and yoga asanas would help in blood circulation throughout the body, activating our brain cells.

A few topmost yoga asanas to improve sleep quality are: balasana, uttanasana, ardha uttanasana, supta baddha konasana, viparita karani, savasana.

You can rely on these asanas.

10. Consult a doctor

If a person has completely become sleep deprived and is suffering from a serious lack of sleep problem then in such a case, one should consult a doctor. Sometimes, people suffer from insomnia because of growing age and elder ones get very less sleep.

Doctors prescribe melatonin in such cases. The medicine is used to calm down the brain cells and help the person to fall asleep.

Melatonin intake should only be done after a doctor’s consultation and it’s not for kids.


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