How Many Push-Ups A Day

How many push-ups a day? This exact question is what every guy thinks of, whenever they start doing push-ups.

Despite this, I must say that it’s totally up to you. But look at what experts say about it.

Push-ups is among one of the best exercises. It is best due to several reasons such as it develops upper body strength, requires no equipment. And can be done anywhere.

It is best practice to develop the core strength. However, they are known for increasing upper body strength. If you are busy or not, you can still add push-ups to your daily routine.

Doing push-ups daily will make your upper body look better than before. Consequently, it will pump up the body parts involved such as the biceps, chest, trunk, etc.



Also, you will feel energy release in your body that provides joy. However, if practiced daily you will gain upper body strength along with an increase in the size of the muscles involved.

But the question here is How many Pushups a day?

In this article, I am going to share some valuable information about push Ups. So stick in till the end.

How many push-ups should I Do?

It is a fact that no one can deny that every person has a different body shape and strength. They are so different that we have to make categories to classify and group them.

This means that there are different numbers of push-ups for everyone. Is that so? The answer is No.

However, You can do any number of push-ups you want. But I will give you a general idea that how many push-ups each one of you should do.

If you can do less than 25 in one go, you need to do around 75 -100 push-ups per day. It would be easier to break them into multiple sets.

However, if you can do between 25-50, you can go for 100-150 push-ups every day.

And in the last, If your max is more than 50 push-ups. You can easily go for 150-250 push-ups in a single day.

Quick Tip On Push-ups:


To achieve the target, you have to plan multiple sets with multiple reps such as 4 sets of 20 push-ups.

However, No matter how many numbers you reach, the main point is to do them in a controlled manner. Your muscles should feel the squeeze, and pressure while doing it. It is very important to do them in the correct way. Otherwise, there will be chances of injuries.

How to improve pushups?

As it is said that Consistency is the key to success. That‘s it. To improve your push up count and strength you have to be consistent. However, By consistency, I mean that it should be practiced regularly.

Some tips to improve push-ups:

1. Develop proper form:

Push-ups will be more effective if done properly, if not it will not give you any benefit. Although improper form can cause injury in muscles.

That is why developing a proper form is very much important to improve push-ups.

2.Do Push-ups in Sets:

Always try to do push-ups in sets like 4 sets of 10-15 push-ups. Also, Don’t forget to take rest in between the sets.

After a while, you will see a gradual increase in strength and numbers.

Although if you are a beginner then start from 4 sets of 5-10 pushups every day. You will see a gradual increase in strength and numbers.

3. Try to increase numbers daily:

The most effective way to improve the push-ups is to increase a few numbers daily.

If you are doing 4 sets of 10 reps, then daily increase one push up in the last 2 sets. So, by the end of the week, you will do 15 extra pushups daily.

Use this technique and you surely will see changes. It really worked. I also have tried it.

4. Do Bench press and Triceps:

To enhance the push-ups quality, along with push-ups, do Bench press and Tricep exercises. These exercises will make your chest and arms strong. As a result, you will be able to do push-ups more firmly.

Also, The more firm push-ups will be, the more they add up the strength.

Bench press also should be done in sets. And for triceps exercises, you have multiple options like close grip bench press, Dumbell pullover, etc.

5. Recovery time:

As you know that doing push-ups require power and strength of muscles. Meanwhile doing pushups break muscles of the arms. So, a good amount of rest is required to recover.

If you don’t allow yourself to recover, then you will end up having an injury in the muscles. Hence rest is equally important.

You can do any numbers of push-ups you can but, give your body a rest of about 8-10 hrs. It can go like do 100 pushups in the morning and 100 in the evening.

However, This much time would be enough to recover. And remember the Consistency point.

Different types of Pushups

Mainly there are several different types of pushups, but I am going to explain about 4 important pushups that will improve your numbers and strength as well.

The main focus of each type of push up Is to increase the power of the upper body including the arms. Moreover, each type of push up should be practiced carefully in order to gain maximum benefit.

Regular push ups:

We all know how to do a regular push up. Right? Regular push-ups are the best for beginners. Because it will give you an idea of the power and strength required to do it. Also, beginners should do this to improve their form and posture. Also back should be straight. Focus on doing correct push-ups rather than the numbers.Don’t go for the quantity in the beginning. First, learn to do regular pushups in a good form.


Inclined push-ups:

As the name suggests the body in this type of push up is inclined to some angle from the ground with the help of a desk, bench, wall, etc.

In this type of push up the feet remain on the ground and the arms are placed on the support you are using whether it is a bench or a wall.

Also, It is recommended best for beginners. Because no such strength is required in doing it. Moreover, it will help in building the habit of push-ups.

Inclined push ups focus on the lower part of your chest and enhance it. The muscles of the lower chest get the shape and become firm due to it.

Declined Push-Ups:

Declined push-ups are just the opposite of inclined push-ups. The feet are placed on the support of bench or any other elevated surface and hands on the ground. The back should be straight. And you have to do the traditional push-ups while keeping your body at an angle.

Because of your body will be declined the position, this type of push up is somewhat harder than normal or regular push up.

Doing declined push-ups will shape your upper part of the chest and make it look more bulky and wide.


Diamond Push-ups:

This type is one more level difficult than declined push-ups. This push up is known as diamond because we make the shape of a diamond using our fingers and thumb.

Also known as the triangle push-ups.

Diamond push-ups is an intense exercise that is considered for warm-up in the army.

The position to perform is taken by placing arms and feet on the ground. The index fingers are thumbs that should make a shape of a triangle. Also, keep your back straight. Now you are ready.

Go down and Up on the ground using muscles of arms and chest solely.

The Bottom Line

This was all about – how many push ups a day? A quick summary is here.

It is no doubt that push up is one of the best exercise that provides so much strength to the body if
done correctly.

The most fascinating thing about it is that you don’t need any equipment. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

But still the question arises How many push ups a day? So here is the answer.

If your one time best is less than 25 go for around 100 a day. If between 25-50 go for 100-150 and if more than 50 go for 150-250 push ups in a single day.

Always remember the point of Consistency. It is the only thing that will increase your strength and numbers.

And one more thing, rest is equally important. Give your muscles time to recover and repair the tissues got broken due to exercise.

I hope that you will follow the tips and instructions written above.

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