7 Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

7 Healthy ways to strengthen your immune system

 The immune system of our body is very complex. It should be strong enough to protect us from pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing microbes.

Slight changes in everyday lifestyle could increase the strength of our immune system whereas, some bad changes lead to weakens it.

However, there are several products in the market claiming that they can improve or boost immunity.

And people are buying this, especially after this pandemic of Corona Virus. Even Fast-Moving Consumable Goods (FMCG) are claiming that their products can protect you from these kinds of viruses. Moreover, the product will also boost your immunity which ultimately protects you from viruses to have effects on your health.

The truth is people nowadays are becoming more conscious about the term immunity, health, sanitization, etc than ever before. This leads the companies to increase the sale of their products by sticking the label of immunity booster or anti-virus product, etc.

But this article is not about the trends and frauds going on in the market. The main aim of writing this article is to tell you the guys the healthy ways to strengthen your immune system.

Some Healthy Ways to Strengthen and Boost your immune system


#1. Exercise Daily

Exercise is not only to prevent you from chronic diseases like heart, lung, or other diseases but also to keep us healthy and fit.

Daily Exercise can reduce stress levels and regulate metabolism which contributes to a better immune system. Daily exercise improves the blood circulation in each and every cell of the body and removes the toxic substances from it.

Hence, Regular exercise Is the most important factor to strengthen the immune system.

#2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep and wellness of the being is interrelated. Lack of sleep can have adverse effects on the health in short term and long term as well.

It is advised that an average human should sleep 6-8 hours in a day. Along with, the quantity of time quality of sleep also keeps its importance.

Quality sleep is also essential to keep the immune system healthy and strong. Because our body recovers and heals mostly during sleep. Hence a good quality of sleep is required.

Moreover, it is advised to go to bed at the same time every day in order to keep the body in order. Without proper sleep, you will feel low the following day.

#3. Eat Fruits (Citrus) and Veggies (Especially your greens)

Colorful fruits and Vegetables (Especially your Greens) are full of antioxidants, iron, and other micro-nutrients that contribute to a healthier immune system.

These micro-nutrients guard the body against disease-causing germs and bacteria.

You can go for different colored fruits and vegetables like kiwi, oranges, banana, bell peppers, carrot, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, papaya, leafy greens, etc.

#4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Consume lots of fluid. Drink a lot of water. It is advised to drink at least 2-3 liters of water in a day or at least 8 glasses of water in the whole day.

Try to drink the water of high pH. Always drink a full glass of water in the morning as you wake up. It will hydrate the body as our body gets dehydrated during sleep.

Also, you can try drinking lukewarm water with a little honey dissolved in it. This will regulate the overall weight of your body and keeps you healthy.

#5. Don’t Smoke

Give up on smoking habits. It makes the immune system weak and increases the chances of cancer-causing cells to grow.

If you smoke occasionally, quit it completely. Smoking can never contribute to a healthy life. It will only increase health risks such as stroke or cancer.

Moreover, stay away from second-hand smoke too in order to maintain remain healthy.

#6. Minimize Stress

Do a favor on yourself, try to minimize the stress levels. Stress can also lead to several health risks eventually weakens the immune system internally.

No doubt that a little amount of stress is needed in life to get ready for the challenges but if it lasts too long, it’s bad for the mind and body as well. Many researchers found out that stress weakens the defense mechanism of the body.

Hypertension could be a result of taking stress for too long.

#7. Quit Drinking

Alcohol is good for humans but only if taken within limits. Too much alcohol is dangerous for the body.

Consuming alcohol more often weakens the immune system. As a result, the person falls prey to sickness or chronic disease easily.

It is advised to consume alcohol within the limit. Or quit it 100% if you can. It would be best for your immune system.

The Bottom line:

Immunity is important for the body to remain isolated from the disease-causing pathogens, or viruses. The stronger the immune system, the longer can the body hold in unfavorable conditions.

The following are ways to increase the strength of the immune system:

Exercise daily

Drink a lot of water

Quit smoking

Minimize stress

Quit drinking

Take a well balance diet

Sleep for 7-8 hours a day

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