10 tips to increase the muscles and increase weight

Recumbent strength is often viewed as a universal measure of an athlete’s strength. This is not the case; anyone who is more or less productive in the gym will attest to this. However, it is one of the best exercises for building strength and increasing torso weight. Below are 10 tips to help you increase your barbell count. It is important to note that they will help to avoid a plateau – after all, no amount of success for several months will unsettle everyone. But by using the tips below, you can overcome stagnation and add a few pounds to your record.

10 tips to increase your muscles and increase your weight.

1. Train extra triceps

About 80% of the cases where players fail to progress in the bench press are caused by weak triceps. Training the triceps with basic exercises like close-arm presses or barbell presses is hard. Don’t waste time on block simulators; work with heavy barbells and dumbbells.

2. Work chest muscles

It’s easy to train on the track. Ask yourself: Am I leaving my comfort zone while exercising? Most people don’t. Yes, they train hard, but they don’t put in as much effort as they can. Increase the pace of chest training, and increase the intensity. Change the rest between sets. Go to supersets. Do 30 pushups after each set. You know what’s going on.

3. Please do not overtrain

Many think that the more they train, the bigger they will get. This myth is especially common among beginners. The quality of all your reps, sets, and exercises is much more important than their quantity. Train chest muscles 1 or 2 times a week; most of the time it makes no sense unless you want to set a world record in the bench press.

4. Pay more attention to rest.

This is directly related to the previous tip, without which it is impossible to gain weight. Your muscles grow when you rest and relax, so you need enough sleep to grow. Get at least 8 hours of sleep and enough time to rest between workouts.

5. Negative Reps Are Your Helpers

The negative phase of the amplitude is when you lower the bar. Negatives can be made using massive weights (up to 150% of the one-time maximum). Your task is to reduce the barbell to your chest, and two insurers will raise it for you. Negative reps are an underrated method of muscle growth and can lead to impressive breakthroughs in strength.

6. Don’t Train Chests and Triceps in the Same Workout

If you want to build a really strong triceps, you need to train it when you are full of energy and not after a long workout with the press.

7. Nutrition is the basis for muscle growth.

If your goal is to get bigger and stronger, you need to have an appetite like Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Winner Olympia. You must take 7 meals a day. Each of them should be rich in protein from different sources and complex carbohydrates. Without it, there will be no increase in bench press. You cannot expect progress if you do not eat enough calories daily.

8. Take a week off

Sometimes you need a break. Even professional bodybuilders allow themselves 7-10 days of complete rest per year. Your muscles are overworked, and this prevents them from growing further. You can completely forget about training for a week or do 3 easy exercises for the whole body.

9. Use of sports nutrition

Sports supplements are the best way to provide the body with the necessary nutrients quickly. This is extremely important for bench press. Sports nutrition should be used immediately after waking up, after training, and before bed.

10. Working on technique

You will be surprised how many experienced athletes have the wrong technique. Many people think the bench press is technically just an exercise, but if you get into the habit of doing it wrong from the start, you won’t progress. The most common mistakes are: incorrect placement of hands on the dashboard, the pelvis from the bench or legs from the floor, lowering the barbell to the wrong place, and opening the handle.

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